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A Bulgari diamond ring, with a triangular-shaped 10. 95 carat Fancy Vivid blue diamond (the largest of its kind) and a 9. 87 carat colourless white diamond of the same shape, sold for $15, 762, 500. Fancy Vivid blue diamonds, especially of this size, are among the rarest of coloured diamonds. Only one in about 10 million qualifies as Fancy Vivid. Tentex royal 10 tablet box $108.00 the ring was originally purchased in 1972 at the bulgari boutique tentex royal 10 tablet box $108.00 in via dei condotti, rome, for $1 million (equal to roughly $5 million today). Legend is that a European collector purchased the ring for his wife in celebration of the birth of their first baby boy. At $1. 4 million per carat, this sale represents the highest per carat price ever paid at auction for a blue diamond. Bidding for the celebrated blue diamond, available for sale at auction for the [tentex royal 10 tablet box $108.00] first time in almost 40 years, was brisk tentex royal 10 tablet box $108.00, with three individuals engaging in a spirited battle. The ultimate buyer was an Asian private collector who bought the ring by phone.

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