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High speed and racer lovers, there is a news that you should not miss at all. paxil 10mg pills $165.00 Abarth is gong to start the selections of the first tv talent show for rookie drivers who dream to live the performances of the biggest automotive champions by driving a real racing car on track.

paxil 10mg pills $165.00] style="text-align: justify;"> is the second edition of a fortunate contest held in Italy which has collected in 2011 over 3500 aspiring drivers between 18 and 35: 20 lucky finalists have been able to compete on a real circuit after several selection steps of safe driving courses, driving racing and graduation with the official italian racing driver license ACI-CSAI.

The car used for the racing and for safe driving lessons is an Abarth 500 Assetto Corse paxil 10mg pills $165.00, a super sporty car with 190 HP that is the main character of the Trofeo Abarth.

This year Abarth Make it your race is even bigger. There will be 6 nations involved: Italy, Uk, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland and the contest will become in every way a television talent show.

Casting for a dream is officially open, the pre-selection phase will continue throughout February on the new site The only requirements are to have between 18 and 40 years old and not be a professional racing driver.

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