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Herbal viagra When companies today try to meet their customers where they live, herbal viagra they increasingly find that it is on social media. Herbal viagra Now that such sites are an integral part of the culture, herbal viagra using them for customer care is moving from cutting-edge concept to business necessity.

Herbal viagra More and more customers jump everyday on Twitter, herbal viagra Facebook and other Social Media to complain or to direct questions to companies. Herbal viagra This is the reason way New Holland Agriculture has decided to implement a specific Twitter Channel to manage customers’issues and questions.

Herbal viagra New Holland Agriculture has already a strong Social Media presence, herbal viagra both on a global and on a regional level, herbal viagra but in order to keep their commitment to be close to farmers and make their life easier they have decided to strengthen their Customer Service system. Herbal viagra At the moment farmers can reach the Customer Care (TopService) via mail or phone but starting from the 1st September they are able to tweet their issue and have a quick answer.

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Herbal viagra The Twitter Account @NHTopService will be active from 9 am to 6 pm everyday and take care of clients from Europe, herbal viagra Africa and Middle East. Herbal viagra A Social Customer Care Team of 4 people has been specifically trained and will be focused only on Twitter. Herbal viagra This is only the first step of New Holland Agriculture Social Caring. Herbal viagra Other accounts will be activated for the different regions around the world to extend this service to farmers around the world.

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Herbal viagra Since 1895, herbal viagra New Holland Agriculture is committed to providing solutions that improve farming efficiency and productivity by using accessible and sustainable technology.
New Holland offers cash crop producers, herbal viagra livestock farmers, herbal viagra contractors, herbal viagra vineyards and groundcare professionals the largest choice in the world of easy-to-operate tractors, herbal viagra harvesters, herbal viagra material handling, herbal viagra seeding and planting equipment: more than 80 product lines and over 300 models. Herbal viagra An extensive and professional network of 3, herbal viagra000 dealers in 170 countries around the world always guarantees total assistance and expert advice also in financial services season after season.

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