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For the launch of the latest special edition dostinex 0.5mg pills $515.00, the New Delta Hard Black, Lancia shooted a presentation clip with Emiliano Usai, Lancia Sales Training Manager, and Andrea Pallard, World Wide Delta Product Manager.

All the secrets of Lancia's newest born are revealed: the integral black, the variety of shades. From “Eclissi” gloss black [dostinex 0.5mg pills $515.00] to the matt black body that absorbs light instead of reflecting it. Lancia is the only manufacturer in Europe to offer a matt finish on production cars as standard and not just on limited-edition models. For her unveiling Turin’s automaker chose two important events: the and the , organized with Mandela Foundations. TAGS Lancia Lancia dostinex 0.5mg pills $515.00 Delta Hard Black Delta Emiliano Usai Andrea Pallard Test Drive Presentazione LINK Lancia New Delta Lancia

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