Contemporary art. Artisti per Frescobaldi: the three artists partecipating in the next award event unveiled to the press.

Tiziana Frescobaldi has officially announced today in Berlin the names of the three artists nominated for the 2014 Artisti per Frescobaldi Award: Yuri Ancarani, Michael Sailstorfer and Jorinde Voigt. The press conference took place in the prestigious Italian Embassy in Berlin at the presence of Ambassador Elio Menzione, the Curator Ludovico Pratesi, the artists themselves and many personalities from the art world.

Artisti per Frescobaldi is a yearly award event founded by Tiziana Frescobaldi – Director and Cultural Projects Manager of Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi – and organised by Ludovico Pratesi, a renowned art critic for many newspapers. Now in its second year, it is addressed to artists who express themselves mainly through visual arts.

The Ambassador has expressed his great interest in and appreciation for the initiative, making a reference to the close relation that his Residence has long had with contemporary art, and in general to the connections between Italian diplomacy and today’s artistic creativity; Tiziana Frescobaldi has illustrated the reasons that led to the creation of the award; Ludovico Pratesi has introduced the artists that will participate this year.

Artisti per Frescobaldi is an event reserved for younger-generation artists that interpret the complex ever-changing contemporary age in their works. The Frescobaldi family, who has been devoted to the art of wine-making for 700 years, demonstrates interest and participation in contemporary art trends, supporting the 21st-century artists. The award event draws on the ancient patronage tradition of the Frescobaldi family and, at the same time, it opens a new chapter with new protagonists and expressive languages.

The first event – which took place in Milan at the Fondazione Stelline in 2013 – saw the participation of Ra di Martino, Giovanni Ozzola, Elisa Sighicelli. The latter – in Italy with Galleria Gagosian – won the Award. The winner was proclaimed during a special night event by a jury comprised of three museum directors.

For its international debut, Artisti per Frescobaldi has chosen Germany, a country akin to Italy from the cultural viewpoint: two of the artists are German, Michael Salistorfer and Jorinde Voigt, whereas Yuri Ancarani is Italian. Their works will be exhibited in Berlin next autumn, in a prestigious venue devoted to contemporary art. A jury comprised of three museum directors will proclaim the winner during a special night event that is to involve the German contemporary art world.

The artists will have to submit a work of art inspired by the Castello di Nipozzano estate, on the hills in the vicinity of Florence. In addition, they are going to design a label to be used for a limited edition of Montesodi Riserva bottles, a red wine with great structure and elegance, cru of Castello di Nipozzano, produced in limited numbers. A special edition of Montesodi will be devoted to Artisti per Frescobaldi. Part of the proceeds will be donated to an association supporting young artists.

We have chosen Germany, and the city of Berlin in particular, because both of them represent a very important showcase in the world of contemporary art. Understanding the present has always been the aim of the Frescobaldi family throughout the centuries. The aim of the Artisti per Frescobaldi initiative is to keep this interest alive, constantly enriching it” – said Tiziana Frescobaldi, Artistic Director.

 “The choice to invite Yuri Ancarani, Michael Sailstorfer, Jorinde Voigt to the German Artisti per Frescobaldi Award was inspired by the idea of interpreting the Nipozzano estate through different expressive languages that range from drawing to photography and video making” – said Ludovico Pratesi, Curator of the Award.


Juri Ancarani, born in Ravenna, Italy in 1972 mainly produces video art. His work is characterised by a surreal and dreamlike atmosphere that surrounds industrial scenery matched with household interiors depicting day-to-day routine.

Micheal Sailstorfer, born in 1979, is a conceptual artist specialising in the reinterpretation of everyday-life objects and materials, which he uses to make sculptures, installations and videos.

Jorinde Voigt, born in 1977, uses drawing, collage and photography as her means of expression by analysing literary texts, places and situations of different origin.